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Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is a real estate company run by the Pakistan Army. It is in charge of housing and city services in Defense neighborhoods all over Pakistan. Thus, it is the biggest place to live in all of Pakistan. It was given a constitution by an act of parliament in 2002. The Defence Secretary is its head, and the Pakistan Army is in charge of running it.

In the 1970s, the company’s main goal was to build homes for active and retired military personnel. Now, most of the plots in its new projects are sold to civilians. A portion of the total plots are given to armed forces officers, the families of martyrs, and other employees as a service benefit, with payment plans lasting 10 to 20 years.

Defense Housing Authority is a “nationally recognized corporate” group that has worked hard to give the people of Pakistan a chance to live in new ways. It has made its residential and commercial projects with the help of strategic urban planning, growth, and sustainability. 

They are using modern designs to build houses, roads, and other important facilities. “Defence Living” has been given a new lease on life that is beautiful, energetic, attractive, and easy to live in. 

DHA Defense is still putting a lot of effort into building neighborhoods that reflect our social, cultural, and religious needs. We want our cities to be friendlier, modern, and green in the future. The following Pakistani towns have projects run by the Defense Housing Authority.

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